USMC turns 245.

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Happy birthday to the USMC: 245 years old today. An organization of courageous men and women, and of dedicated leaders that bring great credit upon themselves and the United States of America. Read the Commandant's message here: USMC Commandant's Birthday Message

Old Hickory Division

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On July 25, 2020, the Presidential Unit Citation was awarded to the 30th Infantry Division--often referred to as the "Old Hickory Division"--for their gallantry in battling the Nazis in August, 1944 at Mortain, France. More than 2,000 men from the 30th were injured or killed. The end of the video brings a tear to the eye. God bless all of them, either here or on the other side.

Link (just click Play, you don't need a Flickr account):  30th Infantry PUC

Life Magazine photographs - webinar

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This should be an interesting webinar:  Life Magazine Photos

June 4, 5:30pm EDT.

Memorial Day 2020

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Today we honor the fallen. This is my first Memorial Day at home in a while. The last two years I have been photographing the American overseas military cemeteries. If you want to follow my project to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, visit: Never Home Heroes.


Remembering VE Day and BBC Photos

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After a long struggle, the world changed for the better on this date 75 years ago. Let's remember the anniversaries of both VE day (today) and VJ (8/15) day as a sign of respect for those who sacrificed so much for freedom. BBC has awesome images from this date in 1945 here: BBC Photos