Ever Hear of Jimmie Monteith?

February 12, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Lately, I have been spending a lot of time reading about the men who have received our highest military award, the Medal of Honor.  Army 1LT Jimmie Monteith was one of three men to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions on Omaha Beach. After guiding two tanks THROUGH MINEFIELDS ON FOOT as enemy fire rained down on Omaha Beach, he re-crossed the bloody beach to join his men. Under his leadership, L Company of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, flanked the Germans, and punched a desperately-needed hole in their formidable cliffside defenses. A German counter-attack several hours later managed to surround L Company. Monteith crossed open ground to fight with his men, inflicting casualties on enemy forces, but was eventually killed by German fire which hit him from the rear. You can read more about this great American at: MoH 1LT Jimmie Monteith


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