Dr. Stephen Hawking, "Brief Answers to Big Questions"

April 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I just finished reading "Brief Answers to Big Questions" by Dr. Stephen Hawking.  It is a very short book, with brief chapters.  I would read one of the chapters before going to sleep, but then I found I was up for several hours wrestling with the information.  His first big question, “Is there a God?”  You can forget about going to sleep for a few nights after reading that one. 

At the end, he provides one of many quotes that stood out to me: 

"And one final point--we never really know where the next great scientific discovery will come from, nor who will make it.  Opening up the thrill and wonder of scientific discovery, creating innovative and accessible ways to reach out to the widest young audience possible, greatly increases the chances of finding and inspiring the new Einstein.  Wherever she might be."




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